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Hypnosis is used for:
Stress Management
Overcoming Fears
Learning & Memory
Fear & Anxiety
Nail Biting
Public Speaking
Exercise Motivation
Test Anxiety
Wedding Stress
Ask about your
personal concern.

Hypnosis...It's just a natural state of mind.

If there is something that is holding you back from being your personal best, then you owe it to yourself to find out about hypnosis.  Let me show you what a valuable tool hypnosis can be to make changes that will dramatically change your life for the better.  Together we can work through the blocks to your success and achieve self-improvement in the areas you desire.

Find out more about Hypnosis

The more you know about hypnosis, the more you will see how it is beneficial.  The more you experience, the better you get. 


94.3 The Talker Interview

I was interviewed by Terry Martin of MAKE A CHANGE on 94.3 the Talker on Saturday, July 5.  Click below to listen to the archive recording of the show.


Hypnosis Group Workshops

Group Workshops are a good way to experience hypnosis for the first time or with the support of your loved ones. 


Hypnosis at Home or Office

Using Skype, Google Hangouts or your telephone, you can experience your hypnosis session in the comfort  and convenience of your home or office 


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